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Control The View Layout

The developer can choose how the input video's aspect ratio is treated in respect to the display's aspect ratio. If they do not match, such as 4:3 video on a 16:10 screen, then the developer can choose either to stretch the video (which will introduce distortion), or use less of the screen (which will introduce empty bars). Any bars will have the color of the background clearing camera which always renders to the entire screen.

  • Fill screen: Possibly stretch the rendering and introduce distortion.
  • Maintain video aspect ratio (bars): Correct rendering, but bars at edges if the video is more square than display, or at top and bottom if display is more square than video.
  • Maintain video aspect ratio (overfill screen): Unfortunately this mode is unavailable because Unity does not permit viewport rectangles outside the bounds of the screen.

Generate new marker files

ARToolKit marker patterns

The mk_patt command-line utility is the supported means of generating new pattern files for ARToolKit markers. The ARToolKit for Unity Windows installer / Mac OS X .zip file include mk_patt in the bin/ directory. See Creating and training new ARToolKit markers for usage instructions.

Generation of new pattern files is also possible via the ARToolKit Marker Generator Online. Be sure to use 16x16 pattern and 50% image size.

ARToolKit NFT datasets

If using ARToolKit NFT for Unity, an NFT dataset must be generated for each surface you wish to track. This is done using the genTexData command-line tool. The ARToolKit NFT for Unity Windows installer / Mac OS X .zip file include genTexData in the bin/ directory. See Training ARToolKit NFT to a new surface and ARToolKit NFT Utilities: genTexData for usage.

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