From Samples (Basic Package)


simple spatial registration
simple visual registration
(virtual light + planar AR shadow)

a video shader (B&W shader)

video object (videoPlane)

video object (videoLayer)

multiple markers tracking

using global tracking (hiro marker referenced on the planar coordinate system)

AR NPR Rendering (cartoon shader on the object and edge filtering on the video background)

using keyboard interaction and statistics for performance optimization

local interaction: collision between two paddles (similar than ARToolKit).

global interaction: using the paddle in the planar reference space (similar than ARToolKit).

From Samples (Extended Package)

multiple video streams (file, ptgrey, network)

video avatar

Using ARToolKitPlus plugin

Natural feature tracking from Hirokazu Kato Algorithm

Natural feature tracking with the Bazar library

Glass Refraction

hdr rendering (image show 2 different exposures of the same scene)

Scripting an AR Application with osgARWrapper in python

rigid body simulation (with ODE)

character animation (with ReplicantBody)

Export from Discreet 3D Studio Max



terrain rendering

high polygonal model

ray selection

openAL (3D Sound)

osgNV (CG Shaders)