Visual Registration

OSGART support visual registration in Augmented Reality. The visual registration in AR is related to the photometric disparity between the real content (i.e. the video background) and the virtual content (3D objects, etc). Three main components are discriminant in this registration:
The purpose if OSGART is to support and resolve these different issues by providing a list of already know algorithms to furnish to the user a pragmatic solution. The research community can furthermore implement there one algorithms and comparate with pre-existing solutions.

At this stage, we have been implemented a shadow renderer dedicated to tabletop AR solution, named PlaneARShadowRenderer. In this scenario, virtual objects generally lay  on a planar surface where lighting condition need to be applied. The renderer compute the lighting of Virtual->Virtual and use a semi-transparent plane for the Virtual->Real case.
The renderer is actually limited to one light by object and use depth shadow rendering with shaders implementation.  The renderer is use like a decorator, and user just create an instance of the object parameterize by the shadowed scene and the light position (a transform node).
//create renderer with object transformation, light transformation, size of virtual plane
renderer =new osgART::PlaneARShadowRenderer(objectTrans,lightTrans,plane_size,0);

Applying the shadow on david model

We hope in the next months to integrate the solutions we developped for the two other main issues.