Vizard ARToolKit

Vizard Virtual Reality Toolkit is everything you need to build interactive 3D content. Designed for rapid prototyping, Vizard gets you creating fast and provides the resources to deploy even the most challenging applications. With Vizard, even someone with no programming experience can leap into the world of interactive 3D content.

Previously, developers of ARToolKit applications were required to write low-level OpenGL code in C, making the toolkit less accessible to non-programmers. Also, programmers were required to supply their own scene graph and 3D file importers, increasing development time. Now, with the ARToolWorks add-on for Vizard, anyone can develop powerful applications easily and take advantage of all the existing functionality included with Vizard.

Users with limited programming experience can develop ARToolKit applications, focusing on the functionality of their applications, rather than the implementation details.

With the ARToolWorks license, you have the ability to distribute binary applications that will work on any Windows machine with a DirectShow-compatible web camera.

Further information is available from:

WorldViz LLC

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