ARToolworks announces commercial availability of FLARToolKit

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ARToolworks announces commercial availability of FLARToolKit

Postby philip_lamb » Mon Feb 16, 2009 5:52 pm

February 16th, 2009

ARToolworks is happy to announce that commercial licenses for the FLARToolKit and NyARToolKit software libraries are now available.

FLARToolKit is the world's first Flash based Augmented Reality (AR) tracking library and was derived from ARToolworks' popular ARToolKit library by Tomohiko Koyama (a.k.a. Saqoosha) and Ryo Iizuka, director of the NyARToolKit developer community, in Japan.

Using FLARToolKit, developers can create Flash-based Augmented Reality experiences that can be delivered through the web. With just a web camera attached to their computer, users can see virtual objects superimposed over the real world, that react to user input in real time. The commercial availability of FLARToolKit will allow developers to release commercial versions of their products and AR projects.

FLARToolKit has already been used in several groundbreaking AR experiences such as GE's "Plug Into The Smart Grid" marketing campaign:

In addition to the FLARToolKit library, ARToolworks has also licensed the commercial rights for the NyARToolKit Java/Android/C# and C++ libraries from the NyARToolKit developer community. This will allow developers to produce AR applications for a wide range of platforms, such as Google's Android phone.

ARToolworks CTO, Philip Lamb, says "We are very happy to be able to make the FLARToolKit and NyARToolKit libraries available to commerical developers. The NyARToolKit community, Ryo Iizuka, and Tomohiko Koyama have produced fantastic versions of ARToolKit that makes it much easier than ever before to create Augmented Reality applications. For the first time millions of people will be able to have an AR experience through their web browser.

FLARToolKit can be downloaded from the SparkProject at:

For more information about the NyARToolKit developer community and the NyARToolKit libraries please see:

For more information about commercial use of FLARToolKit and NyARToolKit libraries please contact

ARToolworks is a Seattle, Washington, based company that is a leader in  Augmented Reality technology, providing commercial licenses to ARToolKit, the most widely used AR library in the world. For more information about ARToolworks see
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