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osgART::VideoConfig Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 VideoConfig ()
virtual ~VideoConfig ()
virtual int getID () const
virtual void setID (int id)
virtual float getFramerate () const
void setFrameRate (float framerate)
virtual const std::string & getDevice () const
void setDevice (const std::string &devicename)
virtual const osg::Vec2s & getSize () const
virtual void setSize (const osg::Vec2s &size)
virtual void setSize (short width, short height)
virtual void setPixelFormat (const std::string &fourcc)
virtual void showDeviceDialog ()
virtual void showFormatDialog ()

Protected Attributes

int _id
osg::Vec2s _size
float _framerate
std::string _device
PixelFormatType _pixelformat

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

osgART::VideoConfig::VideoConfig ( )
virtual osgART::VideoConfig::~VideoConfig ( ) [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual const std::string& osgART::VideoConfig::getDevice ( ) const [inline, virtual]
virtual float osgART::VideoConfig::getFramerate ( ) const [inline, virtual]
virtual int osgART::VideoConfig::getID ( ) const [inline, virtual]
virtual const osg::Vec2s& osgART::VideoConfig::getSize ( ) const [inline, virtual]
void osgART::VideoConfig::setDevice ( const std::string &  devicename) [inline]
void osgART::VideoConfig::setFrameRate ( float  framerate) [inline]
virtual void osgART::VideoConfig::setID ( int  id) [inline, virtual]
virtual void osgART::VideoConfig::setPixelFormat ( const std::string &  fourcc) [virtual]
virtual void osgART::VideoConfig::setSize ( const osg::Vec2s &  size) [inline, virtual]
virtual void osgART::VideoConfig::setSize ( short  width,
short  height 
) [inline, virtual]
virtual void osgART::VideoConfig::showDeviceDialog ( ) [virtual]
virtual void osgART::VideoConfig::showFormatDialog ( ) [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

std::string osgART::VideoConfig::_device [protected]
int osgART::VideoConfig::_id [protected]
osg::Vec2s osgART::VideoConfig::_size [protected]

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